GLOINNT offers GIS – Geographic Information System Skill Development Program with placement assistance for the graduates. Our training program includes:

  • Introduction and Fundamentals of GIS
    • What is GIS
    • Data and its types
    • Components of GIS
  • Surveying and Mapmaking
    • Introduction to Cartography
    • Basics of Surveying
    • Types of Surveying
    • Mapping Concepts
    • Map Layouts
  • Building GIS Layers and Exploring GIS Data formats
    • Data processing environment
    • Data reception and Data products
    • Geospatial and Network analysis
  • Geospatial data services with location intelligence
    • Introduction to GPS
    • GPS Application in Surveying and Mapping, Navigation Military, Location Based Services, Vehicle tracking.
  • Data visualizations and WebGIS
    • Data visualization in Hardware and Software
    • Web mapping and Importance geospatial web services
    • Conversion of Geospatial data into Web format.
  • Soft Skill
    • Corporate Etiquette Workshop
    • Customer Expectation
    • Seminars on all the topics by students
    • Workshop on facing the Interview

Hear from our GIS Trainees

I Joined GIS training program at GLOINNT Solutions Pvt.Ltd.The training was excellent and the teaching was excellent from Mr.sheik Ismail sir.He explained every topic in detail with good examples.It was the great experience to be part of this training.This training will definitely help me with my career.
Overall best experience Definitely recommend to others! Thank you…

Placed in June 2021

I joined GLOINNT Solutions Pvt Ltd as GIS intern where I gained great knwoledge and understanding about GIS softwares. Both my trainers Mr. Ismail and Miss. Swadhi did their best to help us during the training. Thanks for being a good mentor and for guiding me on the right path. I will always be thankful to both of you.
People in GLOINNT are very helpful and supportive to achieve your goal

Place in June 2021

I Joined GIS Training program at GLOINNT Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
The experience with Gloinnt training content and trainer Mr. Sheik Ismail was good. My Trainer took care of all the basics and what is more amazing is his way of delivering. My GIS Trainer makes sure that everyone gets their concepts clear before leaving the class.
Highly Recommended!!!

“Don’t wait for opportunities..Join the training and Placement program and Grab it”✨

Placed in March 2021